Location Partnerships

MAX have partnered with Neighbourgood in Cape Town to allow all MAX Offices Members access to Hot Desks at their various locations while travelling.
Access to the facilities includes use of Wi-Fi but exclude's costs for additional services such as Meetings Rooms & Office Services. Prices for these depend on the location, so please visit their website for updated rate cards and information.
Should you wish to make use of a Neighbourgood location, please speak to MAX Reception for more information.

Neighbourgood Cape Quarter

Neighbourgood's Cape Quarter Workspace

This stylishly designed coworking location offers truly connected space built for collaboration and productivity. It is part of a thriving mixed-use environment at the Cape Quarter Lifestyle Centre, including gyms, wellness spaces, restaurants, grocery stores, beauty salons and more, ideal for a out of town traveler.

Neighbourgood Bree Street

Neighbourgood's Bree St Workspace

This Neighbourgood Workspace is centred around a beautiful outdoor courtyard that draws in streams of natural light, its the place where the best of coffee culture, collaboration and modern workspace ideology meet.

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